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Mittwoch, den 31. August 2011

No history, no salvific history, no automatic forces or powers

control the destiny of man. The fate of man is man alone.

What he doesn‘t do, won’t be done.

No hidden hand forces him, no radical evil will stop him.

If he continues to act as a despot of nature, he will fail.

In proportion with natural beings he can survive.


At the Sokratischer Marktplatz you can meet self-confident democrats,

wanting to make their contribution to the successful life of humanity.

The center of life is on earth. Here and now on earth we must

prove ourselves. Man is to man neither a predator nor a god,

neither hopeless nor perfect.

When we learn in the spirit of Socrates to regard ourselves as natural beings,

as equal people, we can succeed.




Sokratischer Marktplatz


The rule of the people arose in public places. When people come together spontaneously, they can freely argue, agree and make majority decisions. This happened  in Athens, where Socrates did not hesitate to call his fellow citizens to the intellectual contest in order to test their democratic competence.

The combat for the best way should make everyone more self-conscious in the daily struggle for a dignified life. Whoever makes man liable to the welfare of the community can not escape such challenges; Critically, he himself must examine what spiritual children are those who claim power for themselves and want to be elected in parliaments. ...